Returns & Service McCall InterTrade

Conditions of Return                                            Version: 2018-April

Below are the Conditions of Return that apply at McCall InterTrade B.V. These are based on the 'General Terms and Conditions' filed with the Chamber of Commerce under trade register number 18026784.


Article 1.                 Return form

1.1.     For all shipments that the reseller, hereafter referred to as buyer, sends to McCall InterTrade B.V., hereafter referred to as buyer, a return form must be filled in on the website.

1.2.     Any return form that is not fully completed will not be handled by the supplier;

1.3.     The completed return form only serves as information on the products returned. However, it must be clearly stated on the return form that it concerns a Drop Shipment order that is being returned. The supplier will respond to the return form submitted by issuing a return order, which must be included with the return shipment;

1.4.     This document is binding for the entire return procedure;


Article 2.                 Return provisions

2.1.     The buyer must check all delivered products for faults and/or damage within seven days of receipt of the delivery. If faults or damage are found, the procedure referred to in Article 3.2 must be followed;


Article 3.                 Return period + right of return

3.1.     The buyer has the right to return to the supplier bought products or parts thereof within 30 days of delivery. The products or parts thereof must be returned unused, undamaged and in their original packaging. The buyer must ensure the actual return of the product or parts thereof and bear the forwarding costs of their return;

3.2.     Claims related to products or parts thereof that were delivered incorrectly or with defects must be lodged with the supplier within seven days of delivery. The supplier will take care of return of the bought product or parts thereof, as well as the forwarding costs;

3.3.     No later than 30 days after receipt of the return shipment by the supplier, the buyer will receive a credit note for the same. If the product or parts thereof were delivered incorrectly or with defects, the related forwarding costs will also be credited. Forwarding costs are explained in more detail in the 'General Terms and Conditions' (Article 4).


Article 4.                 Other provisions

4.1.     If the above-mentioned provisions fail to provide a solution, the supplier's decision will be definitive.