Vitility Happee disposable toilet - 4 pcs

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Happee is a unisex disposable travel urinal for men, women and children in situations when no toilet is available. If you are outdoors, working on a construction site, driving a vehicle for a living, or even getting caught in a traffic jam, and simply don’t have access or the time to find a toilet the Happee is a welcome relief. Hospitals appreciate Happee® for patients who are unable to walk and/or those bedridden or have to stay in bed. Special insert for women makes this a unisex product. Happee‘s design has a high absorption fabric that securely keeps all the liquid inside the bag and insures no embarrassing smell escapes once used, and the easy fold top means you can toss it out when it‘s convenient.
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Manufacturer Vitility
Contains 4
Extra information 750 ml