Conni Commercial laundries

Conni incontinence Oeko-Tex standard 100

Conni Eco-Pad 

Absorbent & Waterproof Bedpads. Specifically Designed for Commercial Laundries.

Conni Eco bedpads have been developed for use in commercial laundries supplying linen services to hospitals, aged care and assisted living organisations. Used in many leading facilities throughout the world, Connie Eco pads provide solutions at all levels of use. Considered the leader in global absorbent textile technology Conni Eco bedpads will create solutions for your laundry in the fight against disposable products.

Laundries – efficiencies & cost saving:

  • Faster drying time
  • Longer life - no hydrostatic bursting in the water extraction process
  • Specially designed to create less rewash from staining
  • Non-pilling top layer and minimal shrinkage
  • Single layer construction negating differential shrinkage between absorbent & waterproof layers
  • Guaranteed for a minimum of 250 washes in a commercial environment
  • Easy to fold. Works in folding machines. Sits neatly on hospital trolleys/cupboards
  • Competitive pricing

 Nurses and Carers – Solutions: 

  • Less bed changes – more nursing and care time
  • Superior absorbency assists in managing bed ulcers
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 accredited ensuring skin integrity is maintained 

Patient benefits: 

  • Exceptionally fast fluid uptake (under 3 seconds) works to keep user drier
  • Higher absorbency at 2500 mls per M2 (independently tested)
  • Breathable technology. More comfort as compared to other products
  • No PVC used therefore avoiding skin discomfort
  • Provides dignity without compromise 

4 Layers in 1


  1. 1.      Comfort layer; Special quilting and silkysoft finishing ensures the surfase is comfortable and gentle  tot he skin
  1. 2.      Filter layer; Designed to allow fluid tob e quickly absorbed
  1. 3.      Absorbent layer; Traps and stores the fluid
  1. 4.      Barrier layer; This waterproof laminate is air-permeable PU, increasing comfort and reducing bulk

Comfort Layer

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